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Tel. : +7 (958) 111-45-47
Free shipping on all orders over $100

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We are happy that you landed at! Here at our online store, we make sure that we can provide the best quality cigarettes without a burden on your pocket. We aim at making the smoking experience enjoyable, yet economical. We provide the best cigarettes at affordable rates which are not offered anywhere else. Smoking with affordability is our dream. At our store, the rates are as low as possible, in comparison to dozens of other stores in Europe and the US. But for this price affordability, you will not have to compromise over the quality. We import cigarettes from all over the globe including, Greece, Spain, Germany, and the United States. 

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Shopping With us is Much More Fun- Excellent Discounts Like Nowhere Else!

At, we provide excellent services to our valued customers, for which we strive day and night. We regard our online customers and try to provide excellent services to them. We keep offering exciting saving offers so that the online purchase of cigarettes turns out to be much more of a fun. If you are deciding to purchase 10 blocks cigarettes we are having a deal for 10 % discount. If you are interested in this fabulous saving offer you can contact us). is where quality and price both lie in your favorite margins.

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Enjoy More and Pay Less

We believe in providing economical solutions to the buyers who want to enjoy more with a greater number of cigarettes. For buying more cartons we can offer you more attractive prices. Our loyal customers always prefer to buy in bulk to save more. A single carton purchase may not be enjoyable in terms of saving offers. So select multiple cartons, from the large assortment of cigarette variety. Whatever favorite brand of cigarette you are looking for, our online store will be able to provide you. Even searching your favorite one out of this wide assortment is one step ahead. Just use the search bar or see the shop categories organized in a user-friendly way. We not only own a huge collection but also work for making this collection easier to find out. 

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What Best Smoking Choices you can Make- Economical yet Enjoyable?

The choice of a particular cigarette is just like the choice of other daily usage items in your life, where personal preferences govern the selection. Our customers vary in the selection, some are just brand loyal since ages, others are eager to switch and try variety the other day. We cater to all these customers. We own a wide collection so any of our customers can thoroughly enjoy the smoking experience. We can also help you try new cigarettes you have never tried before or we can also stick to your previous choice, the decision will be yours.

You just name the brand and we will deliver it to you, the list of currently offered brands at our store include the top brands like Marlboro, Davidoff, Camel Kent, Bond, Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Parliament, Winston, Rothmans and many more. You can even ask for further specifications of flavor within each brand. We never compromise on quality so you can comfortably rely on our collection. All top-notch cigarette brands at an affordable price are now available at once place.

We always want to go out of the way for our valued customers so we have arranged the most demanded brands of Sobranie Black and Marlboro Red which are usually hard to find at other online cigarette stores. same goes for these hot selling brands that you can avail the best prices at bulk purchase.

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Select the Best and Prompt Delivery Method

We work hard for every step of our business so that from ordering the cigarettes till delivery, every step turns out to be a satisfying experience. Like any other product purchased online, our cigarette buyers are always keen to get prompt and hassle-free delivery of the order. We have equipped ourselves with state of the art business strategy so that every order is dispatched at the correct address.

We have divided our delivery system into two major chains- one is the regular one and the other is the express one. If you have no urgency for delivery of your order you can opt for a regular one. In this method, the delivery is free and takes around 15-30 working days. In case your cigarette stock is ending soon and you need a prompt delivery then express delivery will be your ultimate resort in which your order will be dispatched at your doorstep within 10-15 working days. Our delivery chain guarantees a very safe route for the packages so that the order is reached in the best condition. Not only our delivery system is error-free, but it is also broad enough to cover Europe, us and various other parts of the world.

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Online Cigarettes- an Economical and Hassle-Free Option

Markets today have become wide and versatile. Just like any other item in the market, cigarettes are also provided by dozens of sellers in the traditional markets as well as in online stores. As the competition is getting tougher lower prices are always welcomed by the buyers. For online stores prices are always lower as the online stores are not paying any kind of rentals, unlike traditional stores.

We at, operate at the same rule. We strive to provide quality at a lower price so that smoking turns out to be the ultimate pleasure for you. All this is just a few minutes process where you will jut click at your desired brand and quantity. The rest is our duty to deliver the order at the provided address. The prices offered e will be lower like nowhere else.

Our official and reliable distributors will provide the best product all across the globe. Still, if any query prompts up in your mind our team is always available to answer your concerns.

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